Tuesday, January 4, 2011

So behind! PERTH!

New Year’s Eve was fun. It was really crowded, so I didn’t get a great view of the fireworks. We only got to go on one ride, but I still had a good night. Leaving the park to get back to Randwick took 3+ hours!!! It’s typically 25ish minutes, but it took forever because of the amount of people in the harbor area. I spoke in accent the whole night, and even Australians said that I was very good!
I arrived in Perth safe and sound after a pretty uneventful flight. I lucked out with my luggage debacle, because a nice check-in girl at the airline allowed me to put my second bag on under someone else’s name, and she didn’t charge me for excess weight on my bags! She probably saved me 300+ dollars, so I was very very thankful! The father of the family I will be an au pair for picked me up from the airport. He was so nice and I was really glad to finally be in Perth. My house is so cute—old, small chandeliers hanging in each room, a really large antiquey mirror in my room, etc. Its not fully furnished yet, and I won’t have wifi until next week. The Australians get off most of this week as public holiday, so a lot of shops and services aren’t open, unfortunately.
I woke up and walked over to the family’s house. It is a tiny block away, so I think it may take 1 whole minute to get over there. Their house is BEAUTIFUL! So modern, but the front yard is like a very cozy English garden. Beautiful trees, a cute play house for the girls, a swing set, and a “fairy garden”. The two girls (ages 2 and 4) think they are fairies. When I arrived this morning, they were both wearing tutus and fairy wings. Cutest girls ever. They took a few minutes to warm up to me, and then then the older girl did not want to leave my side. The two year old trades off being terrified of me when her parents leave the room, and then wanting to play with me exclusively.
We ate brekkie (croissants with cheese and tomato) and then walked over to Hyde Park, which is just down the road and absolutely gorgeous. It’s like a miniature Central Park-very shady trees, a nice pond, ducks, benches, playgrounds, and a great jogging trail. Then we walked back and went in the pool for a bit. They have a pool in their back garden, and the mum’s sister came over for a swim also. Then we ate lunch (tuna and a shredded carrot salad), and went to the grocery store. They stocked my kitchen up, but they told me I am more than welcome to eat with them every day. The older girl was so hyper in the market and we kept pretending to take pictures of each other (she kept saying “cheese!” “cheese!”). Then we went to King’s Park for a few minutes to look at the Swan River. The family seems very excited and keeps telling me all the places they want to take me!
I went home after that to unpack and set up my room. I then walked back over there for dinner and playtime. The minute I walked in the older girl kept taking pretend pictures again and didn’t leave my side for the few hours I stayed. The girls put on puppet shows and dance shows for me. I met their little 9 month old cousin, who is such a little chubby baby, and their granny. We then ate delicious homemade spanakopita which was amazing and then I came home and am about to go to sleep. I already really like the family. The parents are so so nice and young (32) and I think I will enjoy my time here so much. Hopefully everything continues on this great track! And with that, good night!
Dana xoxo

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