Friday, January 21, 2011

Where did I leave off?


So rather than try to come back with an accent, I have been accumulating a list of phrases that are commonly used in the land of Oz. Sometimes I unknowingly use them and it makes me laugh. One thing that I notice Ozzies do is make every comment into a question. Some examples:

Me: WOW! The sky is so gorgeous, I can't believe there are never any clouds in Perth!
Oz: It is gorgeous, isn't it?

(sorry to any of you experiencing winter right now!)

Me: Wow, this beer is so much better than American beer.
Oz: It is good, isn't it?

(Little Creatures, a Western Australia beer..yummmm)

Okay, back to what I've been doing..

The last few days have been mostly relaxing and fun, though we haven't gone on any real excursions lately. I took the 4 year old to SciTech-a kind of Museum of Discovery and Science, which I obviously loved more than the little girl. I dragged her into the Planetarium against her will and she LOVED IT! The next two days she kept reciting all the things she learned to anyone who would (half) listen. She kept asking me if we were seeing "real" outer space/stars/planets, so I said yes. I'm not sure why I said yes, but I figured it was easier than explaining that since it was noon, it was highly unlikely that the sun would just shut off to show us the stars/planets.  She was very cute and is such a clever little girl. And she is so so so silly. She makes up jingles and dances and goofs around a lot, so I am always very entertained by her. At SciTech, she kept singing "lavender's purple, just like me". We don't know where it came from, but there is a very cute dance that goes with it. She also tells everyone that will (half) listen that my favorite color is purple. Soon all of Perth will know!

I saw Sarah's Key at this small theater the other night with Granny, her friend, and the aunt that I babysit for on Mondays. It was AMAZING and everyone in the theater was crying. Its based on a book that I read last year and could not put down. I highly recommend you all reading the book immediately and then going to see the movie. It is truly an unforgettable story. READ IT. NOW.

Granny and Zay Zay separately want to adopt me. I love this extended family. I feel so comfortable with them all and they honestly treat me like one of their own. I am really excited for Shabbat tonight at Granny's house. She asked me to make Mommy's kugel. I just hope its as delicious as usual-we kinda burned the top while watching a puppet show put on by the kids. We also used "egg noodles" which somehow ended up being tagliatelle noodles. We'll see! I'll probably preface the serving of the kugel with a warning, just so people don't think this is how it usually tastes (if its awful). Most of you can attest to the amazingness of my mom's kugel.

I think the last blog post had me about to go to a meetup with some random Perth girls. It was interesting to say the least. The best part was the great beer at the great bar it was held at. Otherwise, the girls were SO WEIRD. The night was truly a waste of an outfit I'd been wanting to wear for a long time. Boooo.

Today I met up with one of Granny's best friend's, best friend's daughter (are you still following me?). She was so nice and her friend also came along. I loved them and spent a few hours eating and walking around with them. I will definitely be seeing them again soon. Every single Jewish person I meet here is from South Africa. There is a huge community here and its so interesting to hear why they came over and when. The accent is also really nice.

I think that's pretty much it. I've just been cooking with the mom (made roasted Pumpkin risotto the other night!!!), swimming in the pool, walking around Perth, playing with the family, and loving life.

The family, every single day, suggests that I invite all of you to come visit me in Perth. DO IT.

That's all!

Kangaroo kisses,
Dana xoxo

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