Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Settling in and loving it!

Yesterday I woke up at 6:30 and went for a great run in the park nearby.  Then I went with the family to the dog beach nearest their house. It was a bit cloudy, which is a nice break from the incredibly intense sun. I am tanner than I usually am, but I am trying to be really careful about getting burnt. It has been like 35-40 degrees Celsius which is 100+ degrees Fahrenheit. It’s a pretty dry heat, but the sun blazes down intense heat from 6am until almost 8pm. It’s still better than Florida heat, since there is no humidity, but man is it broiling.
I swam a bit in the INDIAN OCEAN and we played in the sand before returning to their house to swim in the pool. The people here absolutely live in their pools. They bought me a mobile and we walked around the city area for a little, then I went home and had a relaxing night. I think jetlag is finally catching up with me, or else the sun is just taking a lot out of me. Anyway, I was “nackered” and fell asleep early.
Today I woke up again at 6:30 to go for a run. I love that it’s light really early here so I don’t mind getting up for an early run. I’m also really glad that my running trail in the park is very well shaded by huge, leafy trees. There are also kookaburra, swans, and ducks in the park! After I showered, I went with the dad and the girls to this place called Hillary Marina, which has a nice swimming area “beach” parallel to the boats, waterslides, little kid carnival rides, and a climbing trapeze area. The girls love it there.  The little one got tired around 11am, so we drove home and while she napped we swam in the pool (of course).
Now we are about to go buy a modem so that I have wireless internet in the house and then the dad is going to help me find a part time job. I want a casual job where I can meet people and make a little extra money to travel. I have heaps of free time during the day 9am until 5pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, as well as all day off on Sunday. I also have most nights off and bits of free time on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. It’ll be good to have a life outside the family so I don’t go stir crazy from not being busy enough.  I am so glad that my house is within walking distance to 2 major streets of shops, restaurants and pubs, and only 1 mile from the city center. My bike should be fixed up by next week, which will be good, but the distances are pretty short so it’s no big deal walking.
Alright, time to go find a job! I’ll have much more regular contact once my modem is up and running on Monday!
Kookaburra kisses,
Dana xoxo

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