Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Catch-up Post!

So Tuesday night we didn’t go to the harbor area. We went to the birthday party at this funky tea-room gone crazy style place. Think animal hair wing back chairs, dozens of chandeliers and hanging plants, and really eclectic décor. We hung there for a while and then moved on to a thai restaurant. On the way there one of my sandals broke, so one of the guys we were with went on a mission to find me “thongs”. Luckily he found some, because it was like 7:30 and most shops were closed and I hated walking barefoot in the streets of Sydney. The thai was really good and when we were done eating we moved onto a pub.
Yesterday we went into downtown Sydney to pick up our tickets for New Years Eve. We walked over the Sydney Harbor Bridge which offered incredible views of the water and the Opera House. I took a million pictures and will try to post them soon! The water was the most amazing blue color and I really really wished that I were on a boat. Once we crossed the bridge we decided to go to the Opera Bar, which is a restaurant at the foot of the Opera House, overlooking the water. We drank champagne and ate “wedges”, which are like amazing potato slices that you dip into a chili-garlic sauce with sour cream. They are apparently very common in Sydney and they were delish! They eat chips (french fries) all the time here, too. They also drink champagne ALL THE TIME—the way Americans would have a beer or glass of wine with their meal, in Sydney they drink bubbly. Cheers, mate! We pretty much went on a pub crawl all over “the Rocks” area of Sydney and had a very fun night. Everyone calls me a “piss taker” (I take the piss out of them) because I mimic the accent all the time. They think its so funny but that I am pretty good at it. I sound more British than Oz, but I’m getting better! I am determined to come back with an accent! I try to use Australian lingo as much as possible J
Today we walked around Sydney, had Vietnamese in this incredible food court (Asian food here is amazing) and now we just headed back to Randwick. One of my new friends is a chef, so tonight he is cooking all of us dinner. We bought some champagne (obviously) and we’ll have a nice meal I think. We decided tonight would be a more low-key night since we have gone out the last few nights and tomorrow is New Years Eve. I am loving it here!
Kangaroo Kisses and BHAPpy,
Dana xoxo

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  1. lol- this post reminded me of how much you were dreading walking around campus barefoot that day in the rain :)

    I wanna come visit- it sounds great!!