Thursday, March 10, 2011

Not nearly as exciting as the emus or kangaroos

Hi all!

This past 2 weeks have been really boring compared to the trip down south, but I mainly attribute that to being sick this week. We have all had some stomach issues, so I have just been taking it easy.

The Sunday we got back, I went to my friends 22nd birthday at this fun bar, but it was over 40 degrees Celcius inside (which is more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit), combined with exhaustion from my week down south, so I left after a few hours. We planned to meet up on Tuesday to go for lunch and the beach. The beach was unbelievably beautiful, but sooooo windy, so the water looked like a giant sand hurricane. We went up to Hillary's, which is a beach harbor with a ton of shops and restaurants. We swam there for a bit, because it is a protected harbor, and it was a really nice arvo (afternoon).

The rest of last week was mostly spent babysitting or at the gym. On Saturday, I took the 4 year old to SciTech again so that we could go to the planetarium. She always points out Florida when we can see it on Earth, and she yells thats Florida where Dana lives and Disney World is! (don't worry: you are allowed to call things out in the planetarium--sometimes its hilarious what little kids shout out. The 4 year old, for example, in response to "what is the hottest planet" yelled out "Venus penis!" All of the adults in the planetarium were cracking up) . On Sunday, I took the 4 year old to the Hyde Park Fair. They have heaps of fair rides and foods, booths with local vendors, animal rides, etc. We went on a bunch of rides, but the 4 year old wasn't allowed to have any more sweets, so I resisted eating fairy floss (cotton candy)!!! I wish I had. Oh well!

After the fair, we got ready to go to the bubba (baby) cousin's first birthday! It was at a park and there were heaps of adorable kids and babies. I had sent a link to the cutest monkey cupcakes ever ( to the mom and she made them! After the party, I left to go babysit for a new family with three cute kids.

Since Monday, we have all been sick with stomach issues, so my week has been pretty bleh. I have been mostly laying around trying to recouperate. I hope that today marks a turn around in how I feel because I am supposed to go out tomorrow night with some friends. I just don't want any of them to get sick, so I might not go.

Alright, this boring post has come to an end. I hope you have all had a better week than I have!

Love and kangaroo kisses,
Dana xoxo

P.S. Hi Grandma and Grandpa!!

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